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like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. but now quiet, quiet, quiet. they're not hearing anything, and someone i spoke to in london told me, it's strange, it doesn't feel like the normal sort of terror attacks. and he's dealt with a lot of the islamists, a lot of the jihadis. and he says this one is very, very different. because it has been so quiet. also, piers, the fact that these devices were actually successful. you look at the times square bomber. that failed. you look at other bombs. those didn't go off. these did. so while the device themselves were rather crude, the way they were able to go off made them successful, and, again, think of all of the bombings, piers, and these particular bombings. the first ones since the 9/11 attacks to actually detonate. so that's another thing that's on the radar. something that experts and intelligence officials are all thinking about. and there are a million different pieces they've got to sort of strain and process and try to get through to reach the kind of conclusion that they're looking for. >> there seems to be a slightly jumpy natu
used by say al qaeda or other groups. that may start to provide some answers. >> i heard you say earlier the fact these weren't big devices would perhaps suggest it isn't an al qaeda operation, that they would go for a more dramatic impact with the devices. also, there are these ball bearings we now know have been used. any significance to that? >> well, you know, piers, here in new york, we had this disrupted subway plot which was, in fact, al qaeda related and it involved backpack bombs. these explosions, while horrific and have caused horrific injury, what we're hearing from law enforcement sources are that they were not terribly sophisticated. they were small. it would have been much worse if it was a higher explosive like c-4 or plastic explosive so you just can't really tell yet. we don't know enough about the forensics to know was this a domestic terrorist group. it's possible, right. we've seen things like oklahoma city, that tragedy. so it could be a domestic group. law enforcement has been careful to say that's the question they can't answer tonight, domestic or foreign
and deadly outreach from al qaeda. the terrorist group in an article entitled "how to make a bomb in your mom's kitchen." was this the man who helped the boston marathon bombers? "newsroom" special coverage of the boston marathon bombings begins right now. good morning to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer rocketing live from boston. several major developments out of boston this morning. let's get you caught up, if you are just catching up on the latest developments back home. but far from back to normal. beginning next hour, police will take down the first barricades on boylston street, and allow business owners and residents to slowly but surely return home. we're learning more about the terror plot. who was involved? how did they develop it? and why? and the beginning of the end. police say sodzhokhar tsavraev newly released surveillance photos, after the release of an m.i.t. police officer and before the police shoot-out would leave him wounded and his brother dead. and more new developments this morning as well. we're learning about how tsavraev actua
on times square in 2010 by shahzad and also we have to remember "inspire" magazine for al qaeda in arabian peninsula called for terrorist attacks on sports events iconic events. this is both, boston marathon and patriots day is almost the iconic all american event. mass killing of civilians. again, we don't know for certain but, to me, i think we have to be looking toward either al qaeda or off shoot of al qaeda or a self-starter here in the united states, a homegrown terrorist. >> bill: well, i mean, i think the fbi fairly soon will ascertain exactly what the profile is. in fact, there is a press conference coming up around 8:30 we will go to that immediately and the fbi and the boston authorities in a combined press conference. but, at this point, we don't want to speculate, but we do know what it was designed to kill and maim. maim, this is a very disturbing part. the reports are there was shrapnel and ball bearings and things like that. other eyewitness reports have reports of limbs being "boston blown off in horrific way. this wasn't designed to do anything other than create chaos and
was sentenced to life in prison. has closeational who associations with al qaeda is not currently in this system. we have acquired by able intelligence from him to the process that is allowed in the system. so this is absolutely the right way to go and the appropriate way to go. and when it comes to united states citizens, it is against the law to try them in military commissions. >> does the president believe that there is a system in place to adequately target and deal with lone operators, those who may not be tied to some kind of larger extremist organization? >> you have heard the president and many others address the evolving threats that we have as a nation. as we have taken the fight to al qaeda and have met with significant progress in removing from the battlefield senior members of al qaeda central, we have seen other threats develop and emerge. and john brennan, the president, many others, the attorney general have spoken about those threats. i would not in any way characterize the suspects in this investigation in any way with regards to that question because that is something that is
to talk to him. and then our next guest says that al qaeda has been trying to pull off an attack like this for years. tony schafer is back and he explains after the break. if you're suffering from constipation, miralax or metamucil may take days to work. or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. and his new ss told him two ings -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find se good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> welcome back. this is a fox news alert. i'm heather childers. i'm heather nauert. it's been a week of terror in the boston area and finally last night coming to an end. boston bombing suspect number two
terrorism, we keep hearing this word being used. homegrown terrorism is actually a goal of al-qaeda. if you look at their magazine "inspire" they have had articles in there how to recruit americans that can freely go across borders and go undetected into locks to do reconnaissance, planning and bombs. they recruit people with radical ideologies and suck them into their beliefs to do their bidding in this country. so homegrown terrorism means very little to me. why they do it means very also. they are terrorists, they are terrorists. if they believe in the same ideology, what's the difference? >>>. >> i know a lot of people are trying to come up with an answer whether or not this is domestic or foreign. to me a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist here. but the online magazine to which you refer, the terrorist there list when had he called the most important enemy targets, and specifically said the targeting of human crowds to inflict maximum human losses, and he said, this is very easy since there are numerous such targets such as crowded sports arenas. obviously that would at least be s
does it mean? >> it's hard, wolf. look. we're normally used to seeing if it was an al qaeda-related in some way, a claim of responsibility. there has been none. on the other hand, communications for them can be difficult in terms of getting their claim of responsibility out. it really, wolf, i don't know how to read it frankly because it is right now there are so many potentials, paths to walk down, and that is what i think the fbi is doing, trying to walk down every single one of those to eliminate those that are not fruitful. >> do you read anything into this no one making a claim of responsibility, tom? >> my impression of that is that it may not have been coordinated in any way from overseas. you don't have al qaeda central or al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or pakistani taliban involved in this directly but they may have inspired somebody here to self-radicalize and do it. it could be somebody learning from "inspire" magazine as we've talked about before or on the internet that's learned how to do this and does it because they are in support of the same objectives as
provide lawyers. al qaeda it does not. that makes us stronger, not weaker. we have the ability under the law of war to gather intelligence in a way to make sure that our country is safe from a future attacks. the ability to talk to individuals who may know about plotting organizations our future device is a long held concept. i am asking this administration to leave on the table the option if the evidence warrants to designate this individual as an enemy combat it. what do we know? we know these two individuals embraced radical islamic thought, that there is ample evidence this was an attack inspired by radical ideology. they were not trying to rob a bank in boston. they slaughtered innocent people because they view us, the united states, as a colonial power, a christian nation. but the muslim world can be a friend. i have traveled out the world and have that many people throughout the world of the islamic faith in our great allies and great friends of america. unfortunately, there is a small everyty who would kill muslim, jewish, gentile, christian, a person who disagrees with then.
, al qaeda related cell? >> well, the jury is still out. i think the important advance we've made in this is two guys, at least two guys, which is it's not the lone wolf. i think also for me, what was really telling was one of the pictures that came out, one of the guys was on a cell phone. this is an enormous or potential lead, because what the fbi can do is run an algorithm through all cell phones in that area and look for anomalies, and if for instance, if this cell phone was calling another prepaid call or someone else in the area, this could be a big break and i'm sure that they're frantically going through this as fast as they can, tracking this down. but i think we're still at the point where we don't know whether it's home-grown or it's from abroad. you can't tell from those pictures, you know. i think what we're really hoping at this point, the fbi is, that they are local and that someone will recognize them and it will lead to a quick arrest. if it's foreign and these people are experienced, i'd say they're out of the country. >> fran townsend, are you hearing any intell
we learned on 9/11, as you learned well, is that al-qaeda, for example, works in waves. that is they want multiple attacks at one time to create the maximum amount of chaos. some said there seems to be similarities between the london and madrid bombings, mr. secretary. there are certain patterns you put together with certain groups and some people are more likely to claim credit than others? >> we are wait to go see if somebody claims credit. but you are right, the madrid bombings and the bombings in '05 in london, multiple attacks in public places, there one was the underground and the other was the public transportation system in madrid. so you get a sense, as we find out more and more information about more and more explosive devices, the delay between the first explosion and the second. once we know about the detonating device, it has to be for sophisticated than some of us perhaps thought initially, that it's morph a coordinated attack than any of us may have thought after the first hour of the incident. >> one more question, additional officers immediately were se
by al qaeda, but it's also been advertised in domestic extremist web sites. what is important the components could potentially be traced back to reports of a circuit board being included. something like that might be relatively distinctive and that could be a key piece for the fbi to trace back. where that came from, how it was purchased and how ultimately it got in that bomb. you combine that with video and photos we are talking about and that is where you see this start. you hope to break wider open. >> guys, the patriots day on monday started with the red sox game at 11:00 in the morning. they came back and they won in walkoff fashion. obviously, things turned terrible from there. the red sox were back on the field in cleveland last night. a moment of silence at progressive field there before the indians hosted the red sox. it was the sox first game since the marathon attacks. the game mike napoli hit a three-run double that helped the red sox win the game and hanging in the dugout a jersey with the word "boston strong." and number 617 for the zip code where the bombing too
possibly of a foreign terrorist that has carried out attacks in war zones or in potential al qaeda attacks? does it match the signature of a home grown terrorist? these are the kinds of things they're starting to look at. we know that from the expertise that they've all assembled. it may take some time but this is what they're going to focus on at least in the coming days. john? >> reporter: you know, it sounds cliche, barbara, but no detail is too small because you don't know where that break might come from. we should also say there's news from pakistan this morning with the taliban. what's the taliban saying about this right now? >> exactly right. you know, this is the other thing we're going to going to look at. the pakistani taliban is claiming they didn't do t. let me read you a brief part of the statement that they put out. quote, wherever we find americans we will kill them, but we don't have any connection with the boston explosions. that coming from the ttp, the so-called pakistani taliban. what's so interesting about this is this group claims responsibility for the failed 2010 f
of anarchist anti-government or inspired by al qaeda. i think from an investigative point it doesn't matter all that much but this is obviously something they are trying to figure out. looking at the communications and other things, will help them understand that. >> the possibility that it is domestic but it's also a nonsense crime, a crime that has no discernable motive or none we care about looms as well. from director of any national terrorism center, thank you for being here. you're working long hours these days. >>> still ahead, gabby giffords chief of staff here for the interview and then the background on the massive explosion in texas. we have important background on that story ahead. les ve to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never go back to a regular manual brush. its three cleaning zones with dynamic power bristles reach between teeth with more brush movements to remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual brush. and even 76% more plaque than sonicare flexcare in hard to reach areas. oral-b deep sweep 5000 power brush. life opens up
for it. second, that was an exception for how groups like the pakistani taliban and al qaeda normally build bombs. >> oh, it was an exception? >> that's not what they've used in the past. >> okay. >> so i don't think that's a tactic they would be likely to use. one last point that is important. we have to note. is the circuit board. that gives the fbi a sense of how the device might have been detonated and controlled. and also circuit boards can potentially be traced. if it's from a cell phone and the like, there might be a history about that cell phone. so that will be another critical investigative piece for the fbi and the boston police. >> michael isikoff, is it troubling or should we be troubled that there seems to be no leads or no theories that are being put out publicly yet a day later? or are we being overly anxious? i'm talking about the public. >> sure. and, look, there is a contradiction here. mr. deslaurias said yesterday there's no imminent physical threat to the public. but the fact is that there is a bomber, a terrorist bomber or bombers who are at loose in the communi
other. this has been a hallmark of al qaeda. >> closer to organized terrorism groups than a crackpot? >> yes, absolutely. >> let me go down to chuck todd, white house correspondent. chuck, is there any sense from the top what we're facing here? is there any attitude you're coming across about whether this is foreign, domestic or an individual, monovalent, you know, people hater? >> reporter: no, but you got not from here at the white house, what you see is a lot of veterans on capitol hill hearing the information that they're getting and coming to certain conclusions about that this because of the lack of international groups that seem to be -- the lack of intelligence involving links to potential international groups that you see some of the folks in congress hearing the information that they were briefed on and seeing it is pointing to homegrown. there's a lot of the, quote, gut checks that the longer this goes on that we don't have a clear idea overseas that there's a connection, the more likely that it's homegrown. but there's a real hesitance around here to draw any major conclu
in "inspire" magazine several years ago, the magazine of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that's the extent of what i know about pressure cooker bombs. that's the one where they were telling americans to how to make bombs against their own country and the magazine did call for attacks on iconic athletic events. >> i've checked with the official sources i have, we don't know what it is, who, whether a single suspect or a group, foreign or domestic, intelligence communities now, going back over any information to see whether any incoming in the last weeks or months, even had any hints of this. and tasking bureaus around the world. since we don't know that. ha do you think we need to do in terms of homeland security at these events, you've got baseball games, you've got all sorts of other athletic events coming up today, tomorrow, around the country. >> well, andrea, obviously there's always certain ways that security can be stepped up at an event. the fact is that if someone is a terrorist, they can construct a bomb and put it together. if they can carry it that far, chances are they're going
one of these programs could give it to a group like al qaeda that could bring it to this country or to europe. so i think it's a very real concern. there is no telling whether these letters are part of that or not but i think frankly over the years we haven't focused enough concern in the public debate anyway about the possible threat from chemical and biological agents. jon: and there is no question in your mind some of these bad actors out there have laboratories that are actively working on programs like this, whether they intend to use them or not? >> right. at a minimum they could be for defensive purposes. we have focused on the potential use of chemical weapons by the assad regime in syria. but the fact is that the risks that these could --. jon: we just lost our satellite connection to ambassador john bolton. apologies for that. that happens when you don't book enough satellite time and apparently we didn't. jenna: when we have breaking news and sometimes things run over that can happen. we'll look forward to try to have the ambassador back. meantime we do have someone th
in mumbai and it's also been promoted on the internet by al qaeda and other terror groups. >> yes, so it doesn't tell you much about who did it or whether they're islamist or otherwise, right wing, it doesn't tell you a thing about motivation, but it does perhaps give you a lead eventually as to where it came from. remember, the fbi was able to take a 747 that blew up over scotland, pan am 103 into millions of pieces and to put it back together again and to find in all of those pieces the bag where the bomb was placed on that 747 and those pieces were over 100 square miles so the fbi may be able to trace back a pressure cooker, if they were able to trace back a piece of luggage in pan am 103. >> finally, several who have been briefed by investigators and another intelligence officials, including the ranking republican on the senate intelligence committee saxby chambliss say a lot of what we're learning so far points in the direction of domestic terrorism. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't think we have enough information to find out yet. we have to have patience, progress here is
the u.s. about suspects they believe might be affiliated with al qaeda. what does that happen a lot according to intelligence sources is that russia does it. they do not often do this. and i've reached out to the white house today to get more of an explanation about why the fbi did not follow up with an interview with the older brother when he returned. and whether or not the white house feels like the fbi was on the case enough, the white house deferred comment, referred me to the fbi, the fbi did not answer questions. of course they are probably gathering all the evidence because they know that there are going to be a lot of questions about this. but i have to say, if i were a victim or if i knew a victim, i would be mad. >> right. i mean -- >> they knew about him. >> and what we don't know right now is who did the investigation. so there is all these different constructs of how you do it. the jttf, the fbi office here, and then there 1 tis the fbi in d.c.. was the information shared with local and state officials. this we still don't know, the september to sort of how far that in
don't torture. >> the argument, should the suspect be treated as part of al qaeda and taliban basically. it was authorization for use of force. the question is does it even apply? >> right. >> and will it matter. and then the other question you're going to get to is if we had been warned by the russians of all people i might add about one of these suspects or the bomber that was killed, why didn't we red flag it, why didn't we pay more attention. so let me bottom line it around the table. the question is what's going to cause the administration the most heartburn next week. >> the questions are going to be why didn't the fbi raise a red flag about these guys earlier if they had notice from russia. >> these are existing differences. i don't think there's much to sway those that believe he should be defined enemy combatant, and not much to dissuade the white house's mind. there's a lot we don't know. >> do you know what the white house is going to do, they're not going to do enemy combatant, that's for sure. >> we don't know. they're in the 48 hour window right now. >> what's go
did not apply to al-qaeda and taliban captives in afghanistan or guantanamo. the administration never specified what rules would apply instead. the task force believes that u.s. defense intelligence professionals and service members in harm's way need absolutely clear orders on the treatment of detainees, requiring at a minimum compliance with common article iii of the geneva convention. this was not done. civilian leaders and military commanders have an affirmative responsibility to insure that their subordinates comply with the laws of war. president obama has committed to observe the geneva conventions through an executive order, but a future president could change it by the stroke of a pen. congress, one of our recommendations, needs to work with the administration to strengthen the torture statute, the war crimes exact the uniform code of military justice to remove loopholes that allow torture to occur. in terms of cia, we did not have access to classified information. this is the reason we're asking the administration to review much of the classified information to see what can
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)